Melting Furnace Emission Control

Exhaust ventilation is usually required to control specific oxides associated with the metal being melted or contaminants carried in the scrap charge. IVT Engineering has an unique system that provides the ideal solution to environmental control, particularly the emission control of electric furnaces, which are completely open for charging. We offer innovative enclosing hoods for a variety of metal furnaces, including electric induction, carbon arc, convention, and crucible, which use natural gas or electric resistance elements as the heat source. Our unique enclosing hood has a significant impact on performance and cost due to the close capture approach, which requires less exhaust volume to achieve the exceptional results.

The enclosing hood configuration is selected to suit the requirements of each application. All enclosing hoods are designed to include the increase in air temperature under operating conditions to insure an adequate airflow into the hood. The slag removing activity, which produces a significant release of oxides, does not requires a separate exhaust system for oxide and/or dross control. All enclosing hoods continue controlling the emissions when the furnace tilts for pouring and no additional exhaust is required to capture the rapidly generated plume.

Typical Applications:

The enclosing hood is designed for application in abrasives plants, lead, copper and aluminum smelters, coke ovens, carbon graphite, foundries, steel mills, etc.

How it works

The enclosing hood is installed on the furnace or special support. It can have doors and openings. The swivel elbows, to which the hood is connected, channel gases from the hood into the exhaust duct. In some cases, a single hood will suffice for charging, melting, and pouring. In other cases, a separate hood, remote from the primary smelter, may be required for charging because of the nature of the charge or the large open area necessary at this phase of the operation. After charging, the port exhaust can be used to achieve control during the remainder of the melting and pouring cycles.

What it does

The enclosing hood provides total emission control at a furnace during charging, melting, and pouring activities. That improves the work environment because high volumes of contaminants do not spread into the workplace. Exhaust air volumes are reduced dramatically. Our unique design reduces capital and energy costs, as air volume requirements are smaller yet still thoroughly efficient. Tens of thousands of dollars are saved in ductwork, foundations, and structure because of the system features. Savings will continue over the years due to the ease of maintenance of this design.

We are committed to providing the service you need to ensure a successful and reliable project. Our engineers are always available to advise you of the system best suited to your needs. Feel free to call if you think we may assist you with your problems in this area.