Fume/Dust Extraction & Odor/Vapor Control systems

Wherever heat, dust or contaminants occur we have a system providing the ideal solution to environmental control. An effective capture hood, an efficient duct network and an innovative design dust collector are all components, which have a significant impact on performance and cost. Our unique systems reduce capital and energy costs, as air volume requirements are smaller yet still thoroughly efficient.

Our systems are designed and engineered to provide a new dimension to the use of dust collection. By consulting with several industry-leading experts, our engineers were able to design an innovative dust collector with several advantages. Tens of thousands of dollars will be saved in ductwork, foundations, and structure because of the collector features. Savings will continue over the years due to the ease of maintenance of this design. No other system can match the efficiency and versatility of IVT Engineering when it comes to handling heat, dust, gases or other traveling sources or airborne pollutants.

We will assist you with all phases of a project, from preliminary studies and conceptual design, to detail design, fabrication, installation, start-up and commissioning. We provide all necessary equipment for a complete turnkey project including all air handling and pollution control hardware. All systems can be supplied with special innovative design dust collectors built under our specifications for different plant requirements.

We can also troubleshoot and service existing installations.