Air Conditioning and Fresh air supply systems

We offer innovative and economical design of industrial duty make-up air and air-conditioning systems for pulpits, workrooms, transformer vaults and other locations throughout your plant that require clean, conditioned air. Our unique ventilation systems reduce ever-increasing capital and energy costs, as air volume and cooling requirements are smaller yet still thoroughly efficient. Our considerable experience will ensure that the optimum amount of air is brought in at strategic locations to ensure that the greatest benefit to the workers is achieved.

We will assist you with all phases of a project, from preliminary studies and conceptual design, to detail design, fabrication, installation, start-up and commissioning. We can provide you with all necessary equipment for a complete turnkey project including all air handling and air conditioning hardware. All systems can be supplied with special design HVAC units built under our specifications for different plant requirements.

We can also troubleshoot and service existing installations.

We are committed to providing the service you need to ensure a successful and reliable project. Our engineers are always available to advise you of the system best suited for your needs. Feel free to call if you think we may assist you with your problems in this area.